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What To Know about blockchain

Transcript Have you been looking for a plain English explanation of blockchain?   There’s a lot of confusion about it. That’s understandable because blockchains are a complex, moving target.  We could talk about it for a year and still not

What To Know about passwords

Transcript Have you ever wondered how many words you type in a typical day? All those texts and emails add up. You may be typing 3,000, 6,000 or even 10,000 words a day. Imagine if you could be more secure

What To Know about learning to program in C#

Transcript C sharp, not C pound or C hashtag is a programming language that’s used for desktop applications and Xbox games. When I want to learn something  programming related , I first check to see if Murach has a book

What To Know about job openings

Transcript This episode is about advertising job openings and hiring people. I’ve worked in IT, Information Technology, for over 30 years. I hire computer programmers, system engineers and marketing staff. Have you ever applied for a job that looked like

What To Know about Bitcoin

Transcript I’ve been asked about Bitcoin a lot this year.  My friends know that I’m a certified C++ programmer and that’s the computer language that the Bitcoin code is written in. I’m also a real estate investor and I’ve traded