What To Know before you pick up a kettlebell


This is a kettle bell.  My mom used to cook on a wood burning stove and it looks like our old cast iron kettle except, it’s missing the spout.

It’s also looks like a cannonball with a handle.

Some people call the handle a horn because the shape is a little like the horns on a bull.

Kettlebells can be made of cast iron, like this one, steel or concrete.

This one has a rubber outer cover to protect your floors.

It’s simple and rugged and costs about $2 a kilo in Canada which is around $4 a pound in the US.

Years from now my great, great, grand children could be using this very same kettlebell.

So kids, if you’re watching, this is not a doorstop.

This is a steel competition kettle bell.

But you don’t have to be a competitor to use it.

It weighs 16 kilograms, which is about 35 pounds.

Kettle bell comes to us via Comrade Pavel from Russia, where 35 pounds is called a pood.

For an adult male, a pood is a great weight to start with, plus pood’s a funny word.

I could have called this the what to know before you lift a pood, but that would have been weird.

I wonder if Prime Minister Putin works out with a pood.

That’s my little Putin Pood Pun.

I’m being silly.

The steel has a smooth finish that feels nicer to handle than the cast iron.  That matters when you swing it around.

This is my favourite.

A competition kettle bell shape and size remain the same, regardless of the weight.

So how do they do that?

By making it hollow.

Depending on the movement that you’re practicing, there’s over a dozen different ways for you to hold a kettle bell.

You have two handed hold for swings.

If all you do is kettle bell swings, you’ll get a great workout.

One handed in the middle, also for swings.

You can hold it one handed on the thumb side.

I’m warming up my arms.


We have one handed pinky side for around the body.

This is called the crusher, no fingers.

You can do a bicep curl this way.

We have bottoms up, where the bottom is pointed up.

You can press it up, but if it starts to fall bring it down right away.

You don’t want that flipping on your wrist.


You have the ball grip, hold it like a basketball.

You can use that for head halos.

Your shoulders might be noisy like mine.

I asked my doctor and he said as long as I’m not experiencing pain it’s nothing to worry about.

You can go the opposite direct.

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