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What To Know before you open a banana

Transcript Would you believe… there’s more than one way to open a banana? Is it open a banana or peel a banana? What do you say? If you’re like me, you’ve been doing it the same way ever since you

What To Know before you swing a kettlebell

Transcript Make sure there are no pets or kids around. If anyone gets hurt, whose fault is that? Kettlebell swings are also an exercise in personal responsibility. When I’m inside, I normally swing the kettle bell facing out of a

What To Know before you pick up a kettlebell

Transcript This is a kettle bell.  My mom used to cook on a wood burning stove and it looks like our old cast iron kettle except, it’s missing the spout. It’s also looks like a cannonball with a handle. Some

What To Know before you deadlift a kettlebell

Transcript This is the show where I share with you what to know before you deadlift a kettlebell. It could be before you pick up anything, but a kettle bell is more interesting. I’m wearing loose shorts, no belt. I

What To Know about the Crave TV show “Letterkenny”

Transcript I grew up 10 minutes from Letterkenny  so I was excited to see that someone had made a documentary in the area. The Letterkenny kids were always on the bus to Barry’s Bay before me. I thought I might