What To Know before you swing a kettlebell


Make sure there are no pets or kids around.

If anyone gets hurt, whose fault is that?

Kettlebell swings are also an exercise in personal responsibility.

When I’m inside, I normally swing the kettle bell facing out of a corner, which means I see if there’s someone in danger.

It also means my wife can’t sneak up behind me and scare me.

Why swing a kettlebell?

Well it’s not going to swing itself.

The kettlebell swing is a great exercise that requires lots of your muscles to be used from head to toe.

For an adult woman, the recommended weight is 25 to 30 pounds. This one is my wife’s.

Would you like to learn a bit of trivia?

A stone is also a unit of weight. So by combining strength and cardio in one exercise,

she’s killing two birds with one stone.

I like to use this one for head halos.

Surprisingly, a weight that’s too light can result in injury because it allows you to use bad form

If you’re using something like this

then you’re doing it wrong.  This is a paperweight.

I’ve wrapped a towel around the handle to make it clear what’s happening.

If you can lift like this, using your arms and shoulders, it’s way too light.

See how this is dangling limply from my hand.

We don’t want to see that.

A good weight for an adult male is around 16 kilos/35 pounds.

Use your hips and glutes to get you in the swing of things.

If I was lifting with my arms then the weight would be dangling.

The towel should form a straight line between your arm and the weight.

Squeeze your butt at the top of the swing, make it snap.

If you feel like you’re being pulled off your feet, let it go.

I prefer doing it bare foot because it keeps me on my toes.

Protect your back.

Straight back, shoulders back.

Arms straight and loose.

Work your way up to doing 10 sets of 10 repetitions in 10 minutes.

That means you can do 100 swings in 10 minutes.

Once you’re comfortable with a 2 handed swing, then you can alternate to a one handed swing.

Here’s a bonus for you.  There are lots of other moves that you can do in addition to the swing.

I like to keep it moving.  That’s what separates kettlebell practice from other resistance training.

I start by warming up with gentle arm twists

Then move to figure 8’s

Then reverse direction figure 8’s

Then some upper cuts, as if you were throwing an upper cut punch.

It doesn’t look like it, but this round the body is actually a resting move.

Then upper cuts with the other hand.  It’s a little harder with your non-dominant hand.


Crush curls, work your biceps

There’s a lot you can do with a kettlebell.

You can even juggle it.

Tossing it in the air and catching it is called kettlebell juggling.

For sure when you do that you will drop it a lot

So let’s go outside for that.

and enjoy the fresh air.

It’s a little windy, but that doesn’t affect a heavy kettle bell.

However, I had to rerecord my audio because otherwise all you’d hear is the howling winter winds of Canada.

Insert clip of me breaking TV,


Kettlebells aren’t the only thing you can swing.

My puppy loves it when I swing her. (Bootsie up down and then licking me)

She weighs about 55 pounds.

My son loves it when I swing him and he weighs about one pood. (Annie gets PJ to laugh a lot)

I can even swing my wife. (Annie make funny faces)


I’m pulling your leg!

I’ve used a few expressions, like “kill two birds with one stone”, “pulling your leg” and

“get in the swing of things”.  If you aren’t familiar with those then you should check out my “Fun with English” course because I explain that there.

My thanks to my good friend Lori Challenger from Mississauga who suggested today’s show.

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